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We WIll Always put you first

We WIll Always

put you first

We focus on representing those that have suffered a loss.  Some of the cases we handle involve personal injury, losses from dangerous products, malpractice, fraud, or business disputes.  While the types of matters vary, we know that each of our clients has a story to tell. Our lawyers and staff work to give a voice to each story.

To do this, we listen to you and then use all our skills to fight for your rights.  Whether the fight is for justice to make bad practices stop, or for compensation or other remedies, we work to get the recovery that your family deserves.

over 30 years of experience

30+ years of experience

For more than thirty years, our lawyers have presented cases throughout the United States in state and federal courts, as well as in arbitration.  Some disputes involve only one victim.  Others involve groups of people that are in similar situations.  We have handled small groups of two or three clients, up to groupings that include 100s of clients.

We have been honored to help clients through challenging and life-changing events. And we never forget who we work for – at Stanley Law, you are in charge.  We encourage you to contact us for a free consultation.  

Michael Stanley

Michael Stanley

While Michael was a pre-med student in college, his landlord broke the lease agreement, assuming that a young student would just go along with the unlawful demands.  Michael took the landlord to court, representing himself, and won.  The next semester, he changed his major and decided to pursue a career in law.

As a young lawyer, Michael represented clients that include a model whose agent tried to take advantage of her; overseas parents who did not receive their deceased son’s body after paying to have it shipped to them; a start-up company fighting multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies over the development of a novel drug; the parents of a premature infant that died as the result of medical malpractice; a soldier that was severely injured when a Blackhawk helicopter crashed due to a manufacturing defect; and a foreign government that shut down a bank over money-laundering concerns.

Michael continues to pursue the “bad guy” and confront corporate greed.

He recently represented hundreds of retirees that lost much of their life savings to an international Ponzi scheme.  He represents hundreds of others injured by dangerous products and chemicals throughout the United States.  He understands that families injured by big companies may feel intimidated or lost as they think about getting involved in complex litigation.  He is committed to guide his clients through the legal process and seek justice against reckless businesses that place profits over people.  

Michael’s clients can expect to see an attorney who is responsive, creative and truly wants to make a difference.

our team

Lynden Rose

Lynden Rose obtained his Jurisprudence Doctorate from the University of Houston in 1989. Mr. Rose is a practicing attorney at Stanley Law and is also an active participant in Houston’s political, civic and philanthropic life. Mr. Rose previously served on the Board of the Regents of the University of Houston, his alma mater; the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau; and the Harris County Sheriff’s Civil Service Commission. He currently serves on the board of Hermann Memorial Healthcare System, the largest not-for-profit healthcare system in the State of Texas.

From 1982 to 1984 Mr. Rose was a professional basketball player drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers and played with the Las Vegas Silvers and in Europe. Mr. Rose and his wife Marilyn share three beautiful children together.

W. Shawn Staples

Shawn graduated from South Texas College of Law in 1993, and has since been lead attorney in every day disputes to high stakes litigation against Fortune 100 companies.  He has acted as lead counsel in antitrust litigation which involved establishing intent and agreement as evidenced by commercial behavior.

He has been deeply involved in pharmaceutical products liability litigation requiring an in-depth understanding of medical issues, and issues of scientific methodology. Shawn has also handled industrial accidents requiring the investigation of root-cause failure.

Shawn believes a necessary element of success starts with earning the respect of his client, the respect of the judge, and the respect of the opposing party

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